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Yates & Co is a family owned business established in 1981. With over 40 years of industry experience, their mission is to provide retailers with an array of timeless luxury essentials, while working collaboratively to achieve success.

Yates & Co is the exclusive Canadian distributor of a diverse portfolio of branded contemporary collections. Their passion and commitment to these brands, along with their dedicated group of employees contributes to their successes and reputation. Yates & Co is invested in many facets of the apparel industry including import, export, licensing and agency work. They take great pride in their enviable long term relationships that they have nurtured with both their retailers and suppliers.

Today, Yates & Co has corporate showrooms in both vancouver and toronto. With offices coast to coast they are able to truly understand the Canadian market, retail climate, and customer expectations. With that they deliver innovative solutions and the highest level of customer service. Relationships are built on a foundation of trust, honesty and dependability. Yates & Co cares for their community and conducts business in a manner that reflects fairness and diversity.

"We pride ourselves in working with innovative brands who greatly implement human and environmental rights while incorporating the importance of sustainability. We are working toward supplying quality clothes that you love to wear while being mindful and thoughtful about the process." - Evan Yates, CEO.

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